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Hangzhou serviced apartments are making a comeback

Date: 2014-09-13

Serviced apartments is relatively scarce in the center of the product, as hangzhou fangyuan grand launch of the mansion, I nest image, immediately triggered hangzhou citizens attention and expectation. Five lovely's style, unique, the mascot is active in people's field of vision, has been the consistent favour of fashionable young people. Fangyuan mansion, I nest three sets of theme example room, more attractive to a constant stream of visitors, many customers signed property right on the spot, raise out many scarce door model has been robbed. Scrutinize fangyuan mansion, I nest popular reason, in addition to personality, fashion community positioning, apartment itself return on investment? And what of the future development prospects? Here, might as well let us one by one analysis.
Fangyuan mansion, currently I nest, the main 40 ㎡ fashion model, with fangyuan mansion, nest at home I release the fine decoration of the average of about 15000 yuan / ㎡, a 40 ㎡ I nest apartment price is about 600000; At present the rent of the surrounding conditions, I nest 40 ㎡ rent is RMB 2500-3000. This estimate, I nest in the rent rate of return of 5% - 5%. Another generation of registered companies, such as multiple returns, foreseeable nest apartment I actually can bring considerable revenue, is the center of hangzhou's most cost-effective investment products. Less than 4% to the current bank, alipay, 4.1% interest rate, investment fangyuan mansion, I nest has a value maintained and added functionality.
In addition to location value, fangyuan mansion, I nest has stability, higher return on investment, also because of its cover property is on the subway. I nest communities in the direct metro line 5 traveling on the road again, convenient, convenient travel, more need not face troubles such as traffic jam and be late. Notable is, convenient, the subway cover property appreciation potential is to be reckoned with. According to the big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, guangdong data statistics, the subway cover property average price is higher than the same area, the same quality property of more than 30%. Such as the Shanghai center, ten years along the metro lines property from an average of 20000 yuan to 160000 yuan, increased 8 times! Comprehensive now hangzhou serviced apartments, the property market products, can be calculated by 5% - 5% of the property value, so I nest containing 5% - 6% of rental yields, annual return of 10% - 14% at least in the future. In addition, I nest the down stairs of line 5, covering along the future science and technology city, tai square, east tower, zhongnan construction building of nearly 100 large office buildings, such as more than 200000 white-collar workers, for I nest the passenger volume provides a solid foundation. Investment in the future development prospects, fangyuan mansion, I nest in financial investment is undoubtedly the product of choice.
Sitting on high return on investment and the subway cover value-added property, fangyuan mansion, I nest is also a very livable community, peace square, about 2 km distance, wulin area 3.8 km, near cuhk, the grand canal, the intime city business district, north new fashion, walking hundred meters to western union square, wal-mart, wumart, auchan, such as western union square circled around living home, living area more since the 8100 party fashion theme commercial, commercial and residential atmosphere! Project in zhejiang province is the biggest sports park, opposite the north sports park, downstairs is 5 subway and bus departure point, form a complete set of high-end, livings texture than other similar products!