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Hangzhou murraya chamaecyparis pisifera, the tip of the tongue on the extreme enjoyment

Date: 2014-10-09

Yi jiangnan, most have is hangzhou. Mention of hangzhou, the picturesque paradise on earth, not only has the famous beauty, such as the west lake foods also absolutely let a person lifelong unforgettable. As a visit to hangzhou, murraya chamaecyparis pisifera boutique resort hotel food will make you progress.
As the west lake scenic area core resort hotel, murraya chamaecyparis pisifera is located in feng shui time-transcending: to the xixi wetland, in the face of the west lake scenery, east to the south is the ancient temple lingyin temple and one thousand world a fury at ling shun temple, walking in ten minutes; Hotel the back door is the path of blessing all pilgrims Bai Le bridge village. In between mountain ring of water holding, green, natural and pure and fresh feeling, so everything is not a fantasy, not disillusionment, it is seeing is believing.
Murraya chamaecyparis pisifera boutique resort hotel to hire domestic well-known chef team professional private restaurant - day sweet restaurant. Day sweet elegant style, the food is given priority to with food, tea, drinks, fruits, food is complementary, main cantonese cuisine, hangzhou cuisines and well-made, plain, clear fresh vegetarian diet. Dishes are mainly divided into two areas: high-end food dish and jai, high-end food is given priority to with seafood, species with rare for expensive, with abundant as expensive, chefs are direct communication with shenzhen or overseas purchasing procurement, including New Zealand rock lobsters, deep-sea napoleon wrasse, the east China sea red green crab, wild yellow croaker, pomfret, etc.
Day sweet restaurant other dishes also let a person envy: to offer them to Jane rock m high mountains, fresh meat stew it longjing tea, and black truffle potherb ge powder cup, red whose ultimate ox tongue, pancakes, pot sweet fairy maiden frozen m chicken and so on. According to chef, hotel advocate healthy life, raise diet, so the food ingredients are hotel own planting or breeding farm in fuchun river bank, no additives and pesticide residues, hotel guests can rest assured to eat. To offer them as black truffle potherb ge powder is the king of pure wild fungus black truffle and ge powder, cooked in the spring of the tiger simmer for eight hours, this dish for female beauty to raise colour, three tenors crowd qing fat step-down have good effect.
Tea longjing tea in hangzhou "color green, aromas and flavour gan, form beauty" known in the world, restaurant chefs also specially contrived associated with longjing tea dishes, including a longjing fresh meat stew glue, using 18 class royal tea tea longjing village, coupled with Hong Kong by air yellow croaker spend the glue together the secret. Unlike ordinary restaurant, chef in addressing the longjing tea tea, will drop two yellow rice wine, to retain the largest tea fragrance.
And a homely "cabbage" tofu, chamaecyparis pisifera in nine days of chef under the experienced cook, ordinary for magical, make the specialty of the acclaimed. To make every guest can enjoy the most authentic and healthy fresh "cabbage" tofu, murraya chamaecyparis pisifera is not only the ancient craft of making tofu, also joined in the nine chamaecyparis pisifera "carefully". Always adhere to the hotel with mountain spring water, stone slow slurry, foam slurry, pulp operation by hand, then click paste of traditional craft. At the same time, also more cautious, careful on selected raw materials, not only to choose the most fresh, full of beans, cabbage is only from the hotel has its own farm organic cabbage, fresh and healthy. Eventually make the bittern than ordinary tofu tofu is more exquisite and smooth, Chinese cabbage soft waxy, sweet sauce thickened glycol, special seasoning, delicate process, making it the taste of jing is colourful.