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Decay, high star-rated hotels in hangzhou for mid-range hotel open

Date: 2014-04-29

A new stage, eye-catching red metope, large posters, mini stage, stereo microphone - the music room do you want to live? If I tell you again, good voice students BiXia, chozen lee, yi light years away,, Ken has slept in the big bed in the room used inside the bathroom, will be more attractive?
On April 28, full seasons hotel launched the first good voice theme rooms, give full seasons brand with a distinct identity of theme hotel. Similarly, in April this year, the founding penta-ocean residence soft opening on the road in the south, this is the local veteran penta-ocean hotel to the theme of the hotel. In the high star hotel business has become more and more difficult, mid-range expansion direction of theme hotel has become the most up to date.
Hanting brother brand
A label with a good voice
Speaking of full seasons hotel, many strange, but talking about his brother brand hanting, no one could. They are with China hotel group brand, just a quick walk route, a mid-range market.
The full seasons hotel starlight avenue store in good voice subject guest room, the first 4 house types, furniture, decoration in the room, even in the middle of the room card and background music, with China's good voice and four students face as the theme. Such as BiXia come true I disposition route - metope rivet of heavy metals are tailored for her; Chozen lee's room is graffiti walls and archaize disc; , willing to make free with the sound of music, as long as a see room cowhide drum, they think of rhythm from the western regions.
China hotel group's chief operating officer solution YunHang said that the hotel industry changes, should not only grasp the latest technology, to provide customers more abundant content and innovation of the form of experience. In 2008, China had been trying to cross-border, its first budget hotels - the sea friend hotel, at the beginning of the creation is chose as the theme of the hotel, zhu de2 yong, comics, won numerous guests welcome and love.
Just like the first, zhu de2 yong, cartoon theme hotel, full seasons with good sound cooperation first theme hotel of the same location in hangzhou. On the one hand, of course, is considering that hangzhou is "Chinese good voice" show at home; On the other hand, hangzhou tourism market prosperity, more diversified consumer demand, for the acceptance of the new things is also higher. Avenue of stars, the new area in particular, market structure is rich, the transportation is convenient, maintained to attract business people advantage already, also popular with people in the tourism and leisure.
Penta-ocean hotel sections
The republic of China customs style
In 300-300 yuan between, price than the high star hotel, and have quality than budget hotel, the middle-grade hotel market has not been very rich. But since last year, with the decline of high star-rated hotels, mid-range hotels become a new hot spot.
Is nonlocal chain brand in hangzhou market, is hangzhou local hotel in power expansion. Qingchun road penta-ocean hotels over the years has been investment in the development of economy hotel, near the door of the star of penta-ocean, penta-ocean holiday. This year, penta-ocean hotel also adjust the channel, construction mid-range theme hotel.
Located in the south road of the founding of the penta-ocean mansion in April this year just soft opening. Five LiuHang hotel is located in the historical block, according to the east, dark doors and Windows, wooden furniture, old telephone, plus a few beauty diagram of the republic of China, the republic of China customs.
Penta-ocean gold said the us and UK, deputy director of the office of the hotel, now the market competition is intense, a lot of the hotel through the low price competition to win, but they think through analysing, low-priced, imitate the effect of plagiarism is worse, mid-range themed lines, can attract certain people, with their own characteristics.