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Hangzhou first world hotel line waiting for you to go on spring outing joys

Date: 2014-03-13

Hangzhou first world hotel "left over" hangzhou garden "right" rotten apples
In the green of spring flowers and plants, bloomy spring qingming, or take a family, or friends about companion to the first world hotel, to a hiking outing, feel the air spring.
Hangzhou first world hotel sits on the west lake lake "sister", xianghu lake, adjacent to bridge cultural sites across the lake. Restored, shanghai-hangzhou-ningbo, hangzhou jinjiwen expressway in close proximity, subway line one of departure in the leisure expo garden entrance, car to the center, the west lake scenic area of hangzhou, hangzhou railway station, xiaoshan international airport only 20 minutes, sit high iron to Shanghai just 40 minutes, the traffic is very convenient.
Use two park during the day Night bubble hot spring
In the first world hotel resort, completely don't have to be afraid of have nothing to do. Out of the hotel in south gate, it is just opened two months more of the popular YunMan hot spring; Hotel on the west side of the door, left hand side is the paradise of hangzhou, right is the nation's largest indoor amusement park -- a rotten apple. Excellent geographical advantage, let you choose to live in the first world hotel, can enjoy one-stop "never leave home" holiday experience.
Since march after winter comprehensive upgrade project, hangzhou paradise has new BBS. Compared with before, in addition to stimulate explosive hanging roller coaster, hammer of the rain god, fengshen, hand and so on dozens of super amusement, hangzhou paradise youth carnival with the vast number of visitors, too. Large scene joke time-travel laughing "westward journey", the scenic spot "surprise" interactive show performance should be formed, such as an unprecedented youth carnival in hangzhou paradise up soon.
If the biggest amusement park is affected by the weather, many projects can't play, then go rotten apple park doesn't have such concerns. Rotten apples paradise will be all interesting children's amusement facilities moved into indoor, outdoor merry-go-round, the frog jumped, magic little train, bumper car... Even a smaller size pirate ship, the ferris wheel, these exciting rides, originally in the rotten apple park become warm and lovely.
In the evening, can go to the YunMan spa experience of extreme experience of small bridge flowing water bubble hot spring. Here, in the open air, hot springs, gauze curtain, wooden house, all in the build romantic atmosphere, and the flavor of Japanese soup house do very pure. YunMan natural hot spring water quality, unique, rainforest bubble springs, broth, tribes, xiang ju, tianzhu thatched cottage four regions 33 bubble pool, is flat-out radon springs, of health fitness, relieve nerves, beauty and so on have significant curative effect reducing weight.
The second day early in the morning, can the xianghu lake amorous feelings of along the avenue. Listen to the breeze, enjoy the spring scenery of xianghu lake is a good choice.
Live first world hotel, YunMan spa, hangzhou garden, rotten apples, see the songcheng eternal love, has become a new tourist resort hangzhou leisure patterns.