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Hangzhou west lake paradise shining pearl

Date: 2014-11-15

"Above there is heaven, there are suzhou and hangzhou" like suzhou and hangzhou paradise, beautiful hangzhou in this "paradise on earth" is a shining pearl inlaid, which is the west lake. The west lake in the morning, the river is so quiet, only a small ripple, with the hand gently touch the surface of the lake, microwave clear, pan with the water, I can see the broken bridge.
The bridge it is gray in the mist, bai causeway is like a black ribbon, as the waves ripples ups and downs. Looked a breeze blowing, the shore of lake willows dance, like brushing her green wide sleeve dancer, posture and enchanting, very touching.
The west lake water is very quiet, quiet like a mirror; The west lake water is clear, clear enough to see bottom sand; The west lake water is very green, green as if it were a piece of flawless jade. Slowly ripples in a small boat on the west lake, green trees and red flowers on both sides of the can.
YiZhanZhan nightfall, the west lake was bright start the bundles multicoloured lamplight is teeming with colorful ribbons, colorful, beautiful! The west lake is like a huge mirror, neon lights are reflected in the lake shore, like threw a colorful pearls.
Watching the music fountain, visitors are greeted us. Music sounded, thick fountain from the bottom up, ups and downs, dropped, as if to dance with the music. Formed a hazy drencher, forming a mere trickle for a while; Moment like JiFengZhouYu, like spring rain. Listening to music, watching a fountain, I infatuated, site thronged, photo, have to applaud, scene lively exciting.