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Hangzhou leisure demonstration site created with 8 launch and promotion work

Date: 2014-08-09

On 8 August afternoon, characteristics of hangzhou leisure demonstration site creation and promotion launch ceremony held in WNG xing ji door industry co., LTD., hangzhou leisure development promotion association's website will be on the same day. The activity by the hangzhou tourism characteristic potential industry development center, hangzhou leisure development promotion association jointly hosted.
Since 2009, hangzhou "leisure experience with" activities, the excavation of the promotion of a number of distinctive leisure life experience, to promote the tourism and leisure industry in hangzhou. With the rapid development of characteristic leisure industry and change, based on leisure demonstration site construction and general specification is imminent. In June this year, hangzhou local standards "characteristic leisure demonstration site service specification" should be formed, the provisions of the food, tea, sports keeping in good health, beauty salon, cultural entertainment, sports leisure and shopping features such as demonstration pilot project of 7 categories of goods and services standards, focusing on the culture of tourism and leisure experience and sense of quality, to correctly guide to the business unit consumer characteristics of leisure services, prominent characteristics, pay attention to culture, and emphasizes the experience, meet the leisure, the indicators and main content are initiated at home. At the same time, the characteristics of hangzhou leisure could create measures have also been preliminary planning forming, will publish to the society in the near future, accept the enterprise involved in creating.
As the first to hangzhou tourism and leisure participation and service industry development as the goal of social organization, association for the advancement of hangzhou leisure development has been committed to promote the integration development of hangzhou tourism and leisure industry, guarantee the soft power of hangzhou leisure city and tourism competition. On the same day, the advancement of website is launched, the website will become the main activity promotion platform.
From August to December is the pilot phase for the implementation of demonstration site promotion, relevant enterprises can focus on Hugh's official website (www.xxcjh.com) autonomous enrolment will promote participation to create.