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Mid-range hotel hangzhou are enjoying growth exceeds 3

Date: 2018-07-19

According to the report, as of July 1, the domestic main mid-range hotel brand has opened a total of 2348 total.

Along with the end in first-tier cities hotel market increasingly saturated, the second and third tier cities penetration become the brand names in the choice.In expand down, hangzhou is famous for its tourism, the development of the Internet, such as the financial industry is relatively more balanced, became a hotbed of hotel rooted in the end, also became the hotel layout is a microcosm of the second-tier cities in the end.Earlier today, the hotel in hangzhou market pattern, and each hotel brand challenge is just beginning.

The hotel in hangzhou by up to 50%

Recently, the hotel property website. In the China hotel development report.According to the report, as of July 1 2018, including full seasons, Vienna, Hilton huan friends, orange crystal, the wisdom to choose a holiday, such as 10 domestic major hotel brands in the end, has opened the hotel a total of 2348 total, total growth reached 42%.Among them, the Vienna in 737 the number of top brands.

Whether Vienna or with friends or other Hilton brand, in the past year the focus of city layout, hangzhou are all occupies the important position., according to the Vienna hotel in hangzhou growth reached 77.78%, Hilton huan friends is 100%;Home inns selected, kai yuan ju, and the one in hangzhou growth reached 75%, 166.67% and 75% respectively.In ten east side hotel brand in hangzhou growth of 0 only platinum tao group, beautiful maple and intercontinental hotels group's wisdom to choose two holidays.Beijing news reporter in the statistics of the hotel brand website and found that the brand hotel in 10 classes end, layout of hangzhou most all season, a total of 41, and full seasons hotel in zhejiang province is the largest number of brands in the end.

In the year to July 1 of the year, hangzhou hotel rose at a 50% pace in the end, far higher than north shenzhen four cities average growth of 26%.Specific to each city, home inns in the reporting period, growth in Shanghai, guangzhou, shenzhen is 0, kaiyuan, the increase in north shenzhen are 0, and h in guangzhou even appeared a negative growth.In contrast, the midrange hotels in first-tier cities pace of expansion, with its rapid expansion in hangzhou difference is obvious.

Industry development balanced, stable power hotel management

In many cities, why hotel in hangzhou's favour?In the industry point of view, the industry development is relatively comprehensive, with hangzhou itself as well as the first-tier cities property scarcity is closely linked.

After the G20 summit in 2016, hangzhou exhibition industry get rapid development, driven by tourism, convention and exhibition industry, hangzhou also provides space for the development of hotel market in the end."Hangzhou extension in the Internet and the Internet in recent years, events, important meetings, tourism development, and financial and other fields has a relatively balanced development."Hotel property founder Galen Moore said, "many forms after filling, city of hotel management and operating cycle of the rigid demand, therefore the hotel industry development of hangzhou is can be seen."

Statistics show, in hangzhou in 2017 nearly 14000 conference and exhibition, exhibition number year-on-year growth of 52%.Galen Moore said, relative to other cities of hangzhou, the industry development and some disequilibrium."Such as xi 'an, hainan, yunnan relies heavily on tourism and season have to distinguish the cause in the hotel industry, relative to multiple formats is slightly less than city."

At the same time, mid-range hotels have also walked out of the cities in recent years, continuously to the second and third tier cities.Vienna hotel group, senior vice President of XiaoXiHuang said publicly, for joining trader, first-tier cities group possesses good property has been hotel cost will be higher, and in three or four line city investment costs and operating costs are relatively low, the investment rate of return is relatively higher.Analysis indicates that, from the point of property scarcity, first-tier cities get harder for the hotel property, property of high rents are also in inhibiting the development of the hotel brand.


Early outbreak period quantity, the competitive landscape

According to Michael point, issued the high-end hotel market in hangzhou from 2017 to 2018 large data analysis report, according to a 2017 high-end hotels in hangzhou the most concentrated area in the west lake scenic area and the lingyin resort area, the west lake lakeside, business circle and thousand island lake scenic area is given priority to, the above parts for the traditional tourist scenic spot in hangzhou.City new district will also absorb more hotel layout, qianjiang new city hotel in hangzhou the focus region list on the list is a case in point.The personage inside course of study thinks, in general, a large number of urban expansion, will cause the old area of the hotel to new, the old city will also gradually lack of hotel customers and replaced by new district.

Used to think that, in the end the expansion of the hotel, will tend to seek stock lots of transformation of the hotel, such as the economy hotel upgraded to a mid-range hotel.However, the rapid development and expansion of the second-tier cities, new hotel industry is not in the minority.According to introducing, the number of the hotel in hangzhou in the first half of last year, compared to the ascending in the total amount is large, the source of the ascension is not only a memory, and new entrants to the hotel industry.

"The ideal location is a scarce resource, let the differential rent.Ideal location star class hotel prices significantly more than the ideal location of two-star, but extremely waste of scarce resources.Mid-range hotel layout general situation, is the second region of first-tier cities, second-tier cities of regions, three wire core area of the city."Beauty consultants chief knowledge officer Zhao Huanyan said.

From this perspective, in terms of the layout of the hotel in hangzhou, it is not difficult to find full seasons hotel on the number and distribution of advantage.As end when the hotel went down in the first of a batch of second-tier cities, "with quantity theory results" way of competition is also reflected in hangzhou.The personage inside course of study says, the number and capacity are the key factors of the hotel, but the market stage, the quantity is more important.Market share increase, the market has certain lock-up period, during this period, a certain extent can block new competitors.Each brand their also makes the new market competition accelerated stability.According to introducing, at present, hangzhou hotel market has been basic layout completed in the end, the future new hotels will be fewer in number.