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Radisson hotel new travel only 20 yuan/hour

Date: 2015-02-01

Radisson has been advocating the concept of "green environmental protection, low carbon travel", arouse people concerned about the environment, promote the urban traffic, energy saving and emission reduction for green transportation way of protection and due attention.
Now radisson tourism group, two hotels have become hangzhou bus rental point, you can implement freely to and from hotel and hangzhou and radisson plaze hangzhou longjing radisson manor, between both can enjoy the joy of the city and can realize that a quiet in the manor.
What is the new energy vehicles?
New energy pure electric bus is a kind of both ordinary taxi flexible, drive cars, the fun of freedom of action, and similar public bicycle and car is convenient, is a kind of high quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low pollution, low cost, a new mode of public transport. For the urban residents and tourists with pure electric vehicle drive rental service, is an important complement of urban public transportation, but also the improvement of the hotel on the guest services.
Lease transaction process:
* advice: consult hotel staff for details
* procedures: show me your driving license, sign the leasing agreement
* margin: brush with hotel staff to take RMB 1000 / single lease the pre authorization as a vehicle of the deposit
* take cars: along with hotel staff to the garage to get a car, vehicle examination, and sign on the vehicle confirmation slip
* use: read carefully use within the vehicle information and operation manual and follow the traffic rules
* note: the problems such as vehicle, accident or unknown matters, please call the bus hotline at 400 607 0000, will have the staff to guide you on the phone set up processing at the scene
* return: to the hotel, the vehicle sign confirmation slip
* payment: cash or credit card payment of rental
Radisson to bring you the green, environmental protection, economic and convenient get solution, drive travel, walking in hangzhou.
More details, please call: 0571-8515, 8888